The fingerprints on the lives you touch never fade. Do today.
Would you like to join us on this beautiful course to helping others?
It's is not how much you give, but how much love you put into the giving
We bring Hope to you at no Cost We depend on each other, for ultimate survival is not a one man show. We are to lift ourselves up on this way to success.

We live in a world of inequalities and diversities, yet we all need someone who can understand our worries and whom we can lean on.

Who We Are?
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  • Our Vision
  • Mission statement
  • The Future hope/target of FHF
Our Vision

To better the livelihood of man-kind in all ramifications, by providing them with the needed capacitation and retooling their approach to life by giving them tangible reasons to live. Making a positive contribution to the growth of our nation.

Mission statement

Never throw out anybody.

The Future hope/target of FHF

To contribute to the reduction of misery and the eradication of poverty focusing on the support of vulnerable and disabled groups.
To enrich the knowledge and enhance the skill of needy social segments and help them to meet requirements of the labor market and increasing their access to decent work opportunities.

Featured Causes
Some of our engagement in the society
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The Founder of FunmiAyinke Foundation, Engr. Dr. Funmilayo Waheed- Adekojo, all members of the FHF Family, and all those whose lives have been positiv
Youth Sponsored
Widows Empowered
Youths Empowered
What we do
Never throw out anybody

Health intervention
Education support
Women Empowerment
SME business Training
Mentoring program
Platform to advertise (Trained, Mentored personals, Women Empowerment)

How Can we Help?
Charity is sharing with someone when you are as hungry as the person


Education is a bridge to opportunities, FHF humanitarian body that understands the important role education plays in building an empowered society, Education for underprivileged Youths. We do this by sponsoring their education. We currently sponsor 2000 youth through senior secondary school and high institution this sponsorship includes the paying of school fees, provision of educational resources and other basic educational needs.


We realize women are key agents for a succeeding home, environmental and community change as a hole. However, we also appreciate their unique ability to manage the home with limited resources. We focus on empowering them as a key to the well-being of the entire family and the community


FHF has identified over 3000 widows across various community’s which where empowered based on their needed and still monitoring some so as to asserting that they con provide end need for their family


FHH has also identified with over 1000 youths with creative craft and has empowered them in such a way that they have created employment in their own environment and also monitored. Now most of them are mentors in little way

What Our
People Say?
Some of our beneficiaries